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  1. There is a maximum of 6 students on each team. No additions or substitutions to the team following the School Challenge will be permitted.
  2. Each team chooses one team member to be a runner (bring answers to the judge) and one team member to be a scribe (write down answers for the team). Both the scribe and the runner also help answer questions. At the end of each round, team members may switch, bringing in a different scribe or runner. Remember that the runner does not actually run, but walks the answers to the judges' table.
  3. Each challenge will have 3 rounds with 10 questions in each round, for a total of 30 questions. If there's a tie, one round of 3 additional questions will take place. Then, if there is still a tie, the sudden death rule will apply until the tie is broken.
  4. Teams have 30 seconds to answer the question.
  5. One point will be given for each correct answer. Half points are not given. Correct spelling is not necessary, but the judges must be able to identify the word.
  6. The Quizmaster will announce the title of the book, ask the question and then repeat the question. The timer starts after the second reading of the question. Runners should not come forward until after the second reading.
  7. If you do not understand the question, teams may ask the Quizmaster to make the question clearer, but you must ask the Quizmaster to do so immediately after the second reading of the question.
  8. The Quizmaster will announce the official answer to every question. You may challenge an official answer by having one member of your team raise his or her hand.
  9. The decision of the judges is final.
  10. 10. Teachers, librarians, and audience members may not help the teams in any way during the event. Electronic devices are not permitted.