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Welcome To Reading Link Challenge

Reading Link Challenge is a province-wide program for students in grades 4 and 5 that promotes the "sport of reading." The program is run as a series of quiz/trivia challenges with winning teams advancing to higher levels of competition. Participating children learn about teamwork and how to read for retention. Reading Link Challenge also promotes public library usage and encourages children to develop a lifelong habit of reading for pleasure.

In teams of six, children read and become familiar with a set of six selected books. At the first challenge level, teams within a school compete with each other answering questions about characters, plots and settings. The winning team at each school then goes on to the next challenge level at the local public library where the competition is repeated with a different set of questions. After this point, regional library systems may have an additional challenge level for winning teams from the different communities they serve. In the Lower Mainland, there is a Grand Challenge, where winning teams from different library systems come together for a competition at an event with a public audience.

This site is intended for librarians and teachers who wish to participate in the Reading Link Challenge program in their own communities. There are many participating library systems across the province, and we would love to have you on board!

The Ministry of Education, Libraries and Literacy Branch promotes Reading Link Challenge as an excellent school and public library partnership program.